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Bringing Fine Italian Cuisine to You

In the restaurants to see and be seen in Detroit , the Barbieri family has been the hallmark of Detroit hospitality for over 50 years. The Foxtown Grille is located in the center of Detroit 's entertainment district. Third generation restaurateurs, Eddie Barbieri and Ann Barbieri-Kolinski are serving up the very best in award winning Northern Italian cuisine.


Edoardo Barbieri, founder of the Da Edoardo restaurants in Michigan, immigrated to the Detroit area after the end of World War II. He served in the Italian army in North Africa when he was captured by allied forces and then sent to the United States for interment in a series of prisoner war camps located in Las Vegas, Fort Wayne and Detroit. Assigned to the Mess Hall, Edoardo cooked himself into a new profession.

After the war, Edoardo and his fiancé, Ann Moceri, returned to Modena in the Emilia Romagnia region of Italy - the land of Enzio Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti. It was there that the young couple was married. Shortly after, they returned to America to begin a new life. With them, they brought recipes and hope.

Edoardo found work at the Diplomat restaurant on Detroit 's Second Avenue in the downtown area. In 1951, he became co-owner of Luigi's Restaurant. In 1956 he opened La Lanterna in downtown Detroit and 13 years later his son, Ed, joined the business. In May of 1978, father and son opened the original Da Edoardo in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI. The Grosse Pointe location serves the family's special recipes, including three pasta sauces that are now available at specialty food markets in the Detroit area.

In the mid 1980's Ed's daughter, Ann, and son, Edward Barbieri III, joined the business. Both of the Barbieri siblings honed their restauranteur skills at the elbow of their father and grandfather. As teenagers they washed dishes and bussed tables at the Grosse Pointe location. Today, Ann Barbieri-Kolinski operatess the Foxtown Grille and Eddie Barbieri works as executive chef and manager of the Grand Blanc (North) location. Three generations of the Barbieri family continue the tradition of serving fresh Italian recipes in a warm comfortable setting.